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Preguntas Frecuentes

  • Are the decorations you make safe?
    Of course! With more than 28 years of experience decorating thousands of aquariums in the Mexican Republic, we handle epoxy materials, which are completely toxic-free for your aquarium and its inhabitants.
  • What are the benefits of an Artificial Decoration?
    Our reefs are of the highest quality and beauty, the best in the entire market, in addition to the fact that our reefs are exact replicas of those found in the sea, due to their conformation they can replace live rock in its entirety, since they have enough porosity to generate beneficial bacteria for the aquarium, in addition to giving the aquarium realism, its shapes and colors are familiar to its inhabitants, therefore the stress generated is significantly reduced, the artificial reef makes feel like in their habitat, all this is reflected in the health and color of the aquarium inhabitants.
  • How are the decorations made?
    The material with which we make our products is based on flexible polyester resin combined with hard and polyurethane rubber materials to give it greater realism and quality. The construction time of the reef is from 8 to 12 business days for special jobs. We can do a job in a short time when conditions allow it, but the process of acquiring materials, manufacturing, curing, packaging and shipping, entails a series of challenges always in a matter of time, which is often out of our total control. That is why the times of the entire process are not always as we wish
  • How do I buy an Artificial decoration?
    Contact us and we will gladly make you a quote without commitment. It is important that you tell us what you would like to have in your aquarium, tell us the measurements of your fish tank (Height, Length and Width) In order to offer you a product that fits perfectly in your fish tank, it is also important that you tell us if the fish tank has access or crossbars to consider during the manufacture of your product.< /p>
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